YouPromi Entertainment - Copyright Information

YouPromi Entertainment‘s „First Multinational Music“ stands for a new media platform featuring dynamically updated video and audio content. Moreover the site is based on user-generated content, including external web content. Please note, all pages and sub domains may contain external content. 

Images and other media content licensing

Beside user generated content, images for digital/web and print media where licensed on stock foto publishers such as „Fotolia“. Licensing-related information can be requested by mail.

As a platform with user gnerated content, it is possible to present brand-new music videos. Please note, most of the content has been used by external content platforms. This includes preview images and screenshots showing images or details by a user’s uploaded or created playlist. 

Abuse, Copyright, Licensing – Contact us

If there are any issues related with any copyright act or right, feel free to contact as. You may also use the external site’s contact to abuse the content.